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Beach Ball in Pool

Is your pool ready for winter?

Is your pool equipment able to handle a heavy storm?
Is your pool winterised? 

Book in for a winteriser treatment and get a free assessment of your pool equipment today before winter really hits. 

Dirty Pool Before Clean
Crisp Clean Pool After a Clean

Our Services

Green Pool In Perth

Green Pool Cleaning

Has your pool turned green? Protect your family and friends from those nasty diseases caused by the green pool like E.coli and Salmonella. Our team can have your water back to clear in no time.

Pool Service In Progress

Regular Maintenance

Did you know that more than just poor chemical balance can cause stains in your pool? There are calcium stains, black spot algae stains and metal stains. Our team can get your pool looking brand new.

Beautiful Pool Lights


Would you like a coloured light or maybe something a little more subtle? Happy with your existing light, maybe you just need a repair. Would you like an energy saving light? No problem come to us and we are happy to provide for your needs.

Pool Chemicals and Supplies

Equipment & Chemicals

Very busy, got not time? Why not get your chemicals delivered? At Perth Pool Cleaning, we can tailor a package to suit your needs and if you wish, chemicals delivered right to your door.


Why is it important to maintain your pool?

Keep your family safe

Maintaining the right balance of pH, chlorine and calcium levels is essential to keeping a healthy pool that people can safely swim in.

Extend your pools life

A pool is a significant investment, so it’s important to take care of it with regular maintenance – the way you would with a car or any other big-ticket item – so you don’t create costly repair jobs later.

Keep your pool in shape

Being outside and expose to the elements, a pool can easily get clogged up with leaves, twigs and other debris. Staying on top of skimming the water and clearing the filter will keep your pool in top shape.

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