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Do you pull back your pool cover only to find your pool water is swamp green?





Never worry again

 Perth Pool Cleaning are your green pool specialists.

With many years of experience and providing treatments and solutions to customers in Perth, Perth Pool Cleaning will treat your pool from green to clear in no time. We have all the knowledge, skills and best equipment to solve many problems both quickly and safely.

Risks of leaving your Pools Green

  1. Green pools cause stress on your pool equipment shortening their life span.

  2. They cause health problems due to the unhealthy bacteria growing in the water.

  3. They become a breeding ground for wildlife and insects which is unhealthy.

  4. Stain the pool surface, which is costly to remove or clean.

What is the cause of Green Pools

  1. Chemical imbalance.

  2. Equipment fail.

  3. Using a pool cover or heater too much doesn't allow the chemicals in your pool to breathe.

  4. Plumbing leaks.

Always consult a pool professional first before putting chemicals in. There is always an underling reason why you have a green pool in the first place.

Steps of Green Pool Algae Treatment

  1. Diagnose by a series of tests as to the source of the problem.

  2. Fix the problem.

  3. Vacuum the pool floor.

  4. Skim the water surface.

  5. Empty all baskets.

  6. Brush all walls, floors and tiles.

  7. Backwashing the media filter or cleaning the cartridge filter. 

  8. Chemically treating the water.

Once the green pool is treated do a final chemical test, set the filter and timer and your swimming pool is ready to use.

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