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Is your pool energy effecient?

Is your old pool/spa light not working? Looking for a new modern design? Want to add a touch of luxury to your swimming pool/spa?


Then look no further. Pool Cleaning Perth has the latest LED modern pool/spa lights that are both stylish and affordable. Servicing all areas in and around the Perth Metro Area, Pool Cleaning Perth has the best experienced lighting installers who can find the best light for your swimming pool or spa no matter what setting, occasion or mood you are after. 


All our installers at Perth Pool Cleaning work closely with an Australian owned and operated lighting company Spa Electrics. The lighting system we install is Spa Electrics Underwater Lighting System. Spa Electrics have been the number one supplier of the best quality pool lights for over 25 years.


With a Spa Electrics Led light you will enjoy:

  1. Australian Made.

  2. The best quality underwater light colour.

  3. High Energy Efficiency. 

  4. Modern design. 

  5. Quality product. 

  6. Lighting effects that can be enjoyable all year round.

  7. Available in white, blue or multicoloured. 

  8. LED lights save 75% power. 

  9. Brighter than hallegen globes. 

  10. Can be installed without emptying your pool. 


So what are you waiting for? Come and experience all that Pool Cleaning Perth has to offer in the best quality Led lights for your spa or pool. 

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